Look, Its time for some honesty!

If you, and the other people with under 10 years of personal Recovery/Experience, knew what you what doing; We would rather be enjoying the "Golden Years" of our own personal recoveries.

Yikes, it is truly like watching a monkey trying to have sexual relations with a coconut. MAT's, Oxford houses, CR....People giving "testimony" with 6 Months of recovery,? Peer Recovery Coaches, that no longer actually need to be peers??

Little wonder things have reached pandemic proportions.

When you have figured out, that you just are not really getting any better..and It is your priority to stay clean & sober, Then and only then Give us a call.

Now Offering WV State Peer Recovery Coach Training

 WV State Peer Recovery Coach Training Program- Starting Sept. 2019  This is WV State's most intensive training program, that also has National Accreditation. You will train, at our facility, and some limited online course/topic training.  Learn to serve your clients with ethics and excellence. Learn The new Medicaid Billing Registration & Billing Modules.  Your training will be respected by all of the others offering training, more importantly you will know exactly what to do, and what not to do. 


Long-Term Recovery Resources 24-7


We know that your recovery needs don't stop when office hours are over.
You can Use our Helpline, and our email service, where you can get resources, and referrals, and  send a message to our staff Any Time! When you need it! 

Call 1-304-969-9366 24/7

Family & Peer Support


Our team will support you in building a firm foundation to reestablish, and create a new support network, for your Recovery.
Having an Experienced team support you will help you avoid pitfalls and obstacles.
We understand that addiction/alcoholism does not occur in a vacuum...Loved ones and family members, were sickened by our disease!  We help them find Recovery, for themselves.

Veterans' Long-Term Recovery Program

In Recovery from addiction/alcoholism, We find that Service to others, Connects us, and Frees Us!

 Veterans in the VA Treatment program, or getting ready to complete and leave for phase-2 Recovery Programs.
You have a choice:
Go to a Local Homeless shelter riddled with addiction, and offering No Program
Travel Miles Out of State or Away from Home for a similar "program" that offers little more than housing
Go it alone... Or Peer-Led Facility.
Apply to enter our tested and proven Program, which has a track record of 0 relapses, over 29 years!

Tell your Counselor You want to speak with us First!

We offer an Active & exciting Program, where you will be safe from relapse, and fully-supervised by a caring and experienced staff.
All  have decades of drug addiction/alcoholism recovery themselves.
Call 1-800-296-7108

You may wonder you have not "heard" of this Program's availability..?

The reason is, to Provide excellence in personal service to Our Clients.. We can Only accept a limited number of Clients.

We understand Veterans, In Fact We are Veterans!
Tell your counselor to Call us Today! 

Active Addiction/Alcoholism damages communities. In Recovery We participate in Community Improvement.
We begin to see what we can pack into the stream of life, not what we can take from it!

We have called upon our communities to help us! In Recovery from addiction, we find that Service to others, Connects us, and Frees Us!

Donate Now

Donations to this 501c3 Organization are different.

Sure donations to "24/7 Recovery" are Tax-Exempt, Most Public Charitable Organizations are...What's different here, is you are added to our "Ad Hoic Advisory Board Updates". Which Tracks Every Dollar Donated, and where it is spent. As an "Ad Hoc Advisory Board Member", You can make suggestions, attend Board Meetings, and Vote on direction for this Organization. We Value your perspective in serving clients with all the best services, and plan..