Long-term recovery

Our Mission- Your Recovery!


Our Experienced Staff has been where you are ..fearful.. scheduled to leave treatment but, an inner voice says: "you need time"!
Listen to it!
Long-term programs produce a much better outcome, and successful recovery. Ours has 0 Failures.
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Experience and Professionalism


With 28 years of Experience, our team will assess you, and create a custom recovery plan that's right for you.

We want you to understand the importance of surrounding yourself with recovery and fellowship, so that you can re-enter society and have a New Life FREE from Addiction/Alcoholism!
For this to happen, RECOVERY must be the Priority!
Alcohol/Addiction Recovery in Clarksburg, WV , Fairmont, WV, Morgantown,WV, and surrounding areas.

Its time to experience Long Term Recovery.

A Team that Care's


If you were in a minefield, wouldn't it make sense to have someone in front of you with the MAP, around the mines?

We have the Map!

Not only does our team Care, most providers do, but We have actually experienced what you are going through, not many long term recovery homes can claim this!
They only know from books/"education".  
Our Team has lived the horrors of alcoholism and addiction, and also the Miracle of long term Recovery!   
We strive to help you, and your Family RECOVER, achieve your  goals, and to live the best life possible.

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