FAQ's for You


How do I apply to enter the program?

Its pretty simple, and straightforward to apply.
Either request that your counselor/staff manager give you access to an application, fill it out, and send it to us.

Download the application form from the website here.
Complete it.
Submit it.

We normally review applications 2 x's weekly. We respond with 3-5 Business days with an answer or accepted or rejected.

Do not worry If you are Not accepted to our program. We are also a "Recovery Referral Resource Provider"... which means:
Ours only accepts the most willing applicants.
There are Other excellent options.

A Rejection response can also be "reconsidered" as we will make recommendations for you. You meet them, and we will look over all details again.

I am getting near completion of a Program, When should I apply?

As soon as you can! Again, ask your therapist or counselor.
You can apply at any stage of your initial treatment. We suggest you do it earlier, as we have limited space and once, filled, It may take some time before we can accept any more clients.
We accept client Internationally, and There are many wanting what we offer!
Call us 1-800-296-7108 for emergent referrals and resources.

Do you use AA/NA 12- Steps for a Program?

We Do NOT and if you knew, No other Organization does! Despite what they might claim.
We respect those 12-Step Programs fully. Their Traditions (Of Non-Affiliation) make it clear. They AA/ NA are NOT affiliated with any other business enterprise or organization...Including Courts & Churches.
We do in Fact, Insist on Meeting attendance, as a part of OUR Program , but we are NOT affilaited and Nor do we "Teach" the 12-steps.
AA/NA do that through their membership(s).

Why we reject other models for Houses?

Well, We do support some models out there/available However, many of the Per-led centers place newcomers in a very precarious position, bei9ng led by other new people.
We define New People as any addict/alcoholic with under 15 years of Recovery.
Many of those in these houses, are there TOO SOON... Way TOO SOON, having only 1 Year or less in Recovery.. Why they could be a periodic, resting up for a big binge..

There is no substitute for Experience. Especially when we are dealing with people's lives!!

After an addict/alcoholic has a Good Foundation, for Recovery and Has it as a Priority in their Lives.. These Peer-Led Centers and Houses can be a great way to save money and live in a sober/clean environment.. Then We support them Fully!

One Last thing on this...
That is the Money Factor.. Most of these Recovery Houses force newcomers to wrongly prioritize their lives... Placing huge importance, On Employment (getting a Job) and House Payment contributions.
We do not, and We Provide an alternative... to allow Recovery to be THE PRIORITY!

Do You Offer Job Training and Employment?

Yes, We do!

In Fact, we do not allow Outside employment while in stages of the program.

We offer skills training, and work. (Paid work and training).
We evaluate your skills and training and get work for you...

Workdays are limited to 5-6 Hours Daily. Your focus and priority is Recovery!
This scheduling for work, and training, allows you to have a Priority- Your Recovery!

You will also be participating, in ALL House Programs. It is packed schedule. You will not be bored!

Is there a Womens' House? One in planning?

Currently, We have a Men's Center.
We do have partners and organizations we work with, who "Treat" women.
We will get YOU PLACED.


We have a Fast-Track Plan for a Women's house in the works for 6 Months from Now. Also Plans for teens and families.

We will post updates as they develop.
Go ahead and apply, It may be sooner than we imagined??
It is awaiting funding.