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260 Monticello Ave. Clarksburg, WV 26301
The Area's Newest Residential Recovery Program & Action Center offers a unique model that ensures the addict/alcoholics Successful Long-Term Recovery.!
This Area Center provides Our Community with Needed Services , and Assistance to:
Individuals, in Need, Seniors, Local Organizations, Businesses, and Municipal Government.
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Building Services, Demolition, Rehab

We exist because of support from Our Program Sponsors/Partners and Supporters. Their support is Vital!

When you choose to support this Local Organization, "It" not only helps those that want Recovery from Addiction find it..(Though that is Our Primary Mission)...
We also believe in being of Service to others, especially, those who have supported us in this Our Vital Work & Project.

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Complete the forms, and Contact us, or Call 1-800-296-7108.

You will find that "We" often Give More than We Get!


Self-Supporting people and program.
This Program, Work, and Center is different than most others in we hold a value in Work and Self-Supporting Models, Others rely solely upon Grants, and Fundraising .

Our Clients (Recovering Addicts/Alcoholics) are a Talented and Energetic Bunch.
We help them put this talent to work and make their work, skills and effort available to the Community/Public, through Our Affiliate Companies:
"YardSmart Lawn & Landscaping", "D-Build Deconstruction" and "Dr. Detail"

By providing the Clients with " employment" and earnings and managing their work schedules, We keep the Client's focus on their Recovery...
We are also able to Offer Discounted or Free services to the Public.

It is a Win/.Win situation.

Current Deals for Supporters

$25 Lawn Mowing- Book It Now. Monthly Service is Just $75

$25 Automotive Detailing

*Building Materials Donations Contact RJ 304-534-2883 to schedule

****Tax Slip for donated items, Get more space donate unwanted items and get a Tax Deduction helping support local work!

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